Dr. Shalini Ananda to Present on Deep Learning at Yahoo

Presentation on Specialized Deep Learning for Image Recognition PRLog - March 19, 2015 - SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Dr. Shalini Ananda will be discussing the notable advances in classification and representation learning using Deep Learning. These methods have seen success due to a combination of specialized feature synthesis and Deep Learning methods. These tasks have served [...]

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Response from Facebook’s Head of AI to Our Open Letter

On February 23, Dr. Shalini Ananda wrote an Open Letter to Yann LeCun, Director of AI Research, making the case that industries without Big Data, such as, medical diagnostics, drug discovery, product innovations, and others, need a Specialized Deep Learning  methodology instead of a Generalized Deep Learning approach. Here is his response: Shalini's main point is that in Small Data [...]

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Why Every Company Will Have an Internal AI Group

Google’s Unfair Advantage — Why Your Company Should Focus on Artificial Intelligence Why did Google spend over $500 million recently on two Deep Learning companies? Why have all the other major tech companies followed suit snatching up as many artificial intelligence researchers as possible? To stay competitive. At the rate that technology is advancing, it’s simply riskier [...]

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Quantified Skin Sponsors Artificial Intelligence in Health MeetUp

Last week something special happened.  We sponsored a meetup to bring attention the benefits and necessity of artificial intelligence in the healthcare space. The results were amazing. We had over 75 people attend the SF Artificial Intelligence in Health meetup held at IDEO in Pier 28.  The event started with a presentation by one of [...]

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AI and the Future of Computational Chemistry

Deep learning’s role in the hard sciences We all know that companies like Google and Facebook have been acquiring artificial intelligence (AI) companies trying to stay competitive against each other. These acquisitions bring the expertise necessary to make voice recognition crisper and my maps program more accurate. But can these technologies create the same level [...]

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A.I. — The Missing Link In Advancing Personalized Health and Wellness

Google and Facebook, two of the world’s biggest tech giants, have a growing interest in AI and have demonstrated this by acquiring several AI startups in the last two years. The reason for this is that AI can better understand their users and facilitate faster product innovation. In this regard, AI research has increased vastly [...]

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