Presentation on Specialized Deep Learning for Image Recognition

PRLogMarch 19, 2015SUNNYVALE, Calif.Dr. Shalini Ananda will be discussing the notable advances in classification and representation learning using Deep Learning. These methods have seen success due to a combination of specialized feature synthesis and Deep Learning methods. These tasks have served Quantified Skin in skin condition discovery and our ability to learn representations and detect latent relations in skin imaging.

This technology will be released with a large skin care manufacturer later this year.

Speaker Bio:

Shalini Ananda, PhD is a data scientist and advanced mathematician with a background in image recognition and computational chemistry.  During her PhD, she helped kickstart a Stanford startup by inventing their proprietary algorithms.  After her PhD she focused extensively on developing Deep Learning algorithms for understanding unstructured datasets in the personal care space.  In her spare time she became a licensed patent agent.

Event Details:

HERE: Yahoo Opoly, Building D, 1st Floor
WHEN: Thursday, April 23th – 12:15-1:15pm PT

Past Presentation:

Using Deep Learning for Product Innovation in the Personalized Care Space