CRIXlabs (DBA Quantified Skin) is looking for a computational chemist with an interest in studying the role of nanoparticles and cancer drugs in treatment of disease. We’re looking for candidates with at least 2 years of working experience as a computational chemist in a team environment. Your 2 years of experience can be at a research lab, startup or a large company.

Your time at Quantified Skin will look as follows:

60% of your time will be spent working on client projects. Our clients are 20B+ dollar companies in the pharmaceutical space.
– Discuss scientific research with the team on new use cases.
– Develop algorithms for use cases.
– Test algorithms with team members (your code should be readable by your team members).

30% of your time will be spent on determining ways to augment your analysis with image data for precise classification of diseases/conditions and time to recovery end points. These are also client projects within the company.
– You will have access to data generated from QS toolbox with regards to image & sensor data
– You will work closely with a machine learning expert in the company to help you augment your analysis with image and sensor data.

10% of your time will be spent working on a project of your choice.
– You’re invited to scope out a use case of your own, design the use case with a team member and test the idea.
Our last 10% project became a client project within the company and this is why we’re hiring new data scientists.

CRIXlabs has a patented technology called NuSilico that would be applicable to this work.

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Please send your resume to Dr. Shalini Ananda: Feel free to email her with any questions you may have.